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Create your own blue ocean through our unique SHINE Method, which identifies your individuality and lights up your authority and trust through bespoke web design, conversion-focused copywriting, and digital marketing.
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make the competition irrelevant

Your business is unique and is so much more than how many years of experience you've got. Leave the competition behind, stuck with their cookie-cutter approach to website design and content: too much use of 'we' and pointless 'Welcome to...' introductions. Step away from competing on their terms, with a website that focuses on your true differences and your own 'why'.

Google-optimised is not enough:

All projects include detailed SEO & competitor research, professional copywriting, and optional AI integration, to ensure only the best results. Logo and brand design solutions are also available, alongside ongoing marketing plans to make the most of your investment. You'll be involved every step of the way to make sure you understand the research data and potential of your business online.

Your business isn't generic - so why would you want a website that is?

Sure, we have more than 25 years of industry experience, but this means nothing - except for how we've used this time to develop our SHINE method with the sole purpose of making sure you get the best return on your website investment.

You get the expertise of our team solely focused on you and what you need a website to deliver for your business, whether you're looking for web design in Carlisle, Cumbria, the UK, or throughout the US.

If you're looking for the lowest price and boring results, then we're not the web design agency for you. If you're ready to truly stand out, get in touch.

Chris Wilcox - Light Bulb Web Design, Carlisle, Cumbria - Director



Why do you need a website, and what do you want it to deliver for your business?



Create the right pages and content structure for your ideal clients, so they can find exactly what they need.



Craft words that speak to the desires of your target audience, placing you as the trustworthy authority in their mind.



Create a custom website design, 100% focused on your ideal client, bringing the content alive to encourage sales and enquiries.



Your website is live, ready to make the most of your online presence to grow and develop your business.


SHINE is the evolution of our web design strategy.

With this effective step-by-step tool, we take care to consider every important aspect of your web design build with the best-possible results in mind.



Light Bulb is a digital marketing agency that was created for the specific purpose of providing high-quality professional web design and related services with honest and transparent customer service.

While many of our competitors are saying one thing, but delivering another, Light Bulb creates websites from the ground up, only recommending the solutions you actually need, and making sure we do what we say.

No generic design, structure or unsuitable branding, no pretending we do something a certain way in the hope you won't know any better to ask or understand. If you're looking for web design that's based around your specific requirements, then our team at Light Bulb are the ideal match for you.

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    Professionalism, responsiveness, and patience

    are more than just buzzwords with Light Bulb Web Design

    We take the time to get to know every brand we work with to ensure your web design meets your goals and helps you grow.

    If you're looking for the ideal web design partner for an upcoming rebrand, or you need to modernise your online presence, Light Bulb can help create a website that's a seamless extension of your broader branding.

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