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Chris Wilcox - Founder at Light Bulb Web Design in the UK

Within six months of Light Bulb’s launch, our team grew from Chris working solo to encompass a range of different specialists and experts. By diversifying our team, we're able to offer higher-quality, professional services across multiple avenues. This benefits our clients in the quality of work we do and the timeframe in which we can complete work to a high standard.

together we can do more

What can a team do that an individual can't?

The benefit of having a team of experts on-hand and in our network is that you're getting the best-possible service from all angles. Our team at Light Bulb makes sure every avenue is covered, with unique expertise from technical website design to SEO, brand design to graphics and copywriting. There is such a thing as wearing too many hats, and web design is no exception to that DIY rule. By having a whole team available, we can ensure you're getting the best service possible, whether you want website design or you're considering SEO, marketing and social media on top.

Rebecca Watson
Rebecca WatsonBrand & Web Design
Philip Bacon
Philip BaconSEO & Marketing
Charlotte Davies
Charlotte DaviesSEO and PPC Consultant
Jessica McDonough
Jessica McDonoughGraphic & Web Design
Kimberley Brough
Kimberley BroughSEO Research & Copywriting
Maxine Allen Morgan
Maxine Allen MorganGraphic & Web Design
Sarah McNeill
Sarah McNeillCopywriting
Ray Cassidy
Ray CassidySEO & Digital Marketing
Dr Hannah Gibson
Dr Hannah GibsonLead Gen Copywriting
Lisa Conroy
Lisa ConroyWeb and Graphic Design

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About Us

Light Bulb Web Design provides high-quality, bespoke web design, SEO, digital marketing, copywriting, and consultation in the UK to ensure your online presence is a seamless extension of your business, with honest and transparent customer service.

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E: chris@lightbulbwebdesign.co.uk