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We get lots of questions about our website design services, so here are the answers to many of them.
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How many pages does my website need?

Included in our standard price is your main home page, a dedicated contact page, a page to introduce yourself and your business/services, and a Privacy Policy page. Our advice is to consider having a separate page for each of your main business services or service areas, as this is the best way to give search engines such as Google sufficient information on each dedicated page to show them appropriately in search results.

Whilst many companies may do a single long page with all of your services on (even if the menu links look like you have multiple pages), this is very bad for search engines as they cannot show these services directly in results - they can only show the whole large page, leaving your visitors with either seemingly incorrect information when they visit, or forcing them to scroll around to find or possibly even miss the details they want.

If search engine results are important, then as a minimum recommendation, your website is going to need a similar number of pages as high ranking competitors, and/or a similar amount of content (words).  Beating your competitors on page 1 with a lower amount of pages and words can be difficult, even with highly focused professional copy writing involved.

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