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Sharon has gradually expanded her FM Cosmetics World website since we first migrated the content earlier in 2014.

With the first expansion covering a bespoke online product wish list, the second phase of work was to bring her large amount of online training material under the main website address instead of having it split across a separate domain, a growing YouTube channel and a more recent podcast solution through AudioBoo.

The second aspect of this work was to migrate her long standing WordPress blog across to a fully integrated solution within her website. We undertook automated content migration on her behalf, and Sharon is gradually amending some of the original articles to resolve any issues with formatting and layout. As a little extra, we also brought in a MailChimp newsletter directly as part of the website.

Overall, the focus was to keep her customers and anyone interested in joining her successful FM team within the one website so they knew exactly where to go back to for updates and great training resources.

Keeping visitors on your own site, and also coming back for more regularly, is key to making the most of your online business presence, and keeping all of your resources and features in one place is a great way to do this.

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