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Karina approached us to create a website for her FM Group business. She was looking for a website design which captured her personality and she asked for some sparkle and if we could include a butterfly somewhere in the design and logo.

We presented a number of colour schemes and logo ideas to Karina before deciding on the final website design and logo, resulting in a professional yet colourful website which Karina was thrilled with. Alongside pages covering the FM Group and what Karina's business can offer, the website includes a bespoke online form to allow visitors to sign-up to Karina's team online. A fully integrated website blog has been setup which we have linked with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, creating apps within each platform to allow all new and updated blog posts to be sent automatically to each social media platform without Karina having to update each one herself.

Finally, a bespoke e-commerce platform has been built in to the website in the form of a 'Wish List' - at present, FM Group do not allow direct online sales, so this route allows Karina to advertise FM products directly on her website and capture customers product wishes without any orders being placed. The solution allows Karina to get back in touch with the customer to confirm their requirements and arrange payment. When FM Group allow online sales, we can enable this very quickly on the website to turn it into a full e-commerce solution.

As always, this website design is fully responsive, meaning it is easily used on a mobile or tablet device as the website automatically re-sizes to suit the screen size and enables a touch-based menu system which is much easier to use on phones and tablets than the normal menu which is better used with a mouse or touchpad.

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