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BW Electrical Solutions Ltd. approached us for advice in putting a new website together for their company which currently had no online presence at all.

We worked with them to agree on the website pages and content which were required, and then put together two website drafts before deciding on which was going to work best. As well as pages providing in-depth information about the services offered, we also included an interactive portfolio to provide a great way for them to keep the website updated with new content and details on the recent works they have completed.

Whilst keeping your website up to date with fresh content is often done through blogging or adding and updating existing pages, if your business or line of work produces results which can be photographed for using on your website, a portfolio can provide an excellent way of doing this without the need to worry about what blog posts to create next or what content to update. As search engines use content relevance to decide on where to place your site in search results, any way you can find that allows you to add this to your own site is always valuable.

Again, this website design is completely mobile friendly, so offers full support for mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers, critical now that Google and other search engines are using this factor when ranking websites in mobile search results!

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