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One of my other hobbies is the study of the Japanese martial art, Jujutsu - I was asked by the local Motoha Yoshin Ryu club to put a new website together to promote their Cumbria clubs.

With use of appropriate fonts, colours and graphics linked to Motoha Yoshin Ryu, along with a background of Japanese tatami (mat), this website was created to provide a range of informational pages about the clubs, their history and other pages including terminology and etiquette.

With an extensive history, this section of the website has been created using a multi-page presentation method, with navigation buttons at the base of each history page. The integrated blog is visible throughout the site through use of the archive and section feature boxes, and the blog is also linked to the Facebook page for the Pirelli Dojo so new posts are automatically posted to their social media.

With may local and international events occurring throughout each year, an easily managed online gallery for photos and videos has been provided, to keep the site up to date with the most recent updates. Combined with the blog, that allows a number of subscription methods, visitors and club members can be easily updated once new content is published on the site.

The final area of the website design was a Links page to provide further information to visitors on many of the international Motoha Yoshin Ryu clubs around the world. As always, the website is fully responsive, and makes great viewing on mobiles and tablets alike without the need for a separate mobile website.

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