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Kathreen asked us to create a website for her new, recently converted, luxury holiday cottages based near Dalston, Carlisle.

With a focus on SEO, we worked with ClimbHigh SEO undertook in-depth research to discover the right set of keywords and phrases which were being used by people searching for similar accommodation in and around the Carlisle area.

The data was used to determine the best website page structure to not only target the appropriate groupings of search terms, but also to work for how visitors would most likely use and navigate the website.

Professional copywriting from Stoneleigh Communications was written, based on the SEO writing guides produced from the SEO research.

Pulling in a range of additional information and videos from Kathreen, the final design uses large imagery and clear text areas to really show off the cottages. A dynamic sitemap is in place to make sure that any future page additions or changes are visible to search engines without manual resubmission.

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