Mark and Caroline got in touch after being recommended to us by Claire Armstrong from Big Beans Design who was already working with them to create their logo and branding.

With the desire for good placement on search engines to help the new business grow well, we started with in-depth SEO research to gain accurate awareness of their competitors and what their ideal clients were actually searching for. From there, we used this data to create the ideal menu structure and page plan, before using our SEO-focused writing guides to commission professional copy writing from Sally Seed of Stoneleigh Communications.

SEO research, planning and offsite citation work was managed by Ray Cassidy of ClimbHigh SEO and Kim Brough of The Singing VA.

The resulting website has a strong, yet clear, aesthetic, with mobile-navigation considered throughout to ensure that users on any device can access the site pages easily, even if they never use the main menu.

Lastly, a blog is also included to allow the owners to quickly and easily update the website with new content as they need.

Website Design by: Maxine Allen - Unicorn Creative