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A beautiful, responsive website in development for QWest Photography. The solution is designed to allow integration of password-protected online sales of client photographs at a later date.

This one really needs to be visited to get the best impression, whilst minimalist in design, the attention to detail on the aesthetics make this a stunning site to view: - the website really does speak for itself on this one, I don't feel the photos do it justice!

This website design offers the client a login to update the portfolio and gallery pages and has also been setup to provide an automatic watermarking system for all uploaded files to apply copyright information. At a later date, they plan to provide online photograph sales for their clients, so the site has been created to allow this to be added easily at a later date. The online sales solution will provide for password protected client access and a comprehensive backend configuration method to create individual images, packages and bundles to suit their requirements.

The entire portfolio solution is dynamic, meaning the client just has to upload the photos and easily add them to each portfolio section. The website then handles the new images automatically, even new categories can be setup and be dynamically displayed on the website without any need for us to create any new pages etc.

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