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BBO My Future


One of our existing clients from Cumbria CVS were undergoing a change in focus and brand, becoming BBO My Future - this change in branding and offer required a new website presence, and they asked us to help them create it.


We worked closely with Cumbria CVS staff to determine the ideal pages and website structure required to address what they needed to provide to their customers and website users.

From there, we worked with Rebecca Watson to create a beautiful and friendly website design, taking inspiration from their new logo and colour scheme.


The finished website brings all of our work together, implementing some new features vs. the old website - these features include a new calendar for events, a re-arrangement of the blog content into a more accessible structure, and a dynamic Google Translate solution to support access by the wide range of communities who form part of BBO My Future's client base.

A small amount of SEO work was also undertaken post-build, to ensure the website could be found by name (BBO My Future) in their target regions.

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