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Dalston Victory Hall


Dalston Victory Hall came to us after ongoing problems with their existing website, looking for a reliable solution to improve both user accessibility and communication from those enquiring about bookings.


Starting with an initial meeting to define the website structure and functionality requirements, we guided the Victory Hall committee through the content we needed, before collecting together the content, photography, and online form needs.

From there, we worked with Lisa from PepperDog Design to create a design for the website pages which reflected the overall aesthetic of the Victory Hall itself, whilst addressing the ideal user journey through the website - a key element to ensure that the content and information is easily accessible to those using the website.

Three large online forms were created, which collect booking enquiries for both single and regular events, as well as the information required when a booking requires a licence to serve alcohol.


The final website showcases a wide range of photography of the hall and the facilities within, alongside all of the information required for those looking to book the rooms.

Navigation was carefully planned to guide users to the online booking forms, calendars, and legally required policies and AGM minutes without confusion.

The form functionality was tested to ensure the submissions were forwarded to the correct committee members, and that the data submitted was well formatted and readable.

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