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Brampton Film Club


Brampton Film Club were looking to move to a new website with an easier way to manage their film listings. Their current website had been in place for several years, and required a lot of manual work and time to create and move films around between the live listings and archive pages.


Working closely with the committee members responsible for managing the website film listings, we identified the core information required for each film, and how their original website worked.

From there, we used the Joomla content management system (CMS) native custom field features to associate the core film information elements into simple text and image fields which could be quickly populated by the film club staff.

Layout overrides were custom built to show this information in an on-brand style, requiring no design work at all from the staff. After adding the field values for items such as film name, cover image, review links, description, and rating etc., films can easily be moved into the Archive section of the website with a simple and quick edit of the original film.


Overall, the time and work required for the staff to manage the films has been dramatically reduced, making the website much less time-intensive.

New films are automatically shown on the website when published, and moving a film to the Archive also reflects instantly on the front end of the website for visitors. Where needed, the staff can also set custom publish dates on newly added films, which allows them to bulk-add future films but not have them show on the website until the desired date without manual intervention - this scheduling of workload is another time-saving feature available through the use of native Joomla functionality.

The Joomla article display settings for each page of the website allows the films to be sorted by soonest to show being first to show on the Film page, and last to show being displayed first on the Archive page.

A screenshot showing how the film data is added easily:

Brampton Film Club Joomla Custom Field Use

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