We were approached by Border Floor Ltd. to create a blend of e-commerce and company portfolio website design to replace three existing websites which were created by a mix of other companies.

Along with a number of stunning photographs, we were also presented with one of the most complex product option requirements we've seen so far, requiring not only product variations for the usual options of size and colour, but also differing prices for each combination. Further, quantity discounts were required for many of these combinations, on top of shipping prices which varied with certain products as well as by category.

Our solution was to provide a CMS (content management system) based website with an integrated and highly comprehensive e-commerce platform. The e-commerce aspect was extended to allow for the product option, quantity discount and shipping requirements, with a login provided to Border Floor Ltd. to allow them full access to the e-commerce solution so they can maintain pricing, product information and also have complete order tracking and stock management.

As with all of our websites, the entire design is mobile friendly and responsive, and by integrating the e-commerce platform into the actual website there is no reliance on 3rd party links or the need to login to anywhere else but the website itself. With a dedicated secure SSL certificate provided with the fast SSD-based hosting, the website is ready to be setup with credit and debit card payments when the company is ready to implement this feature.

For the customer, full website account management is available, allowing them to login and review orders and other information. Mobile access ensures the site can be viewed across a range of devices without problem.

Automated nightly backups ensure the website data is protected from any unforeseen issues, allowing a full restore in less than 5 minutes.

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