Conquer Lake District got in touch with us after trying to create their own website, but found they were not getting the results they wanted. As a new business, launching a range of hiking patches of Lake District peaks and fells, they were keen to have a website which would present their brand as well as possible.

They provided some of the best photography we've seen, and alongside the website copy, we pulled together an initial draft that used visuals and wording to really highlight the uniqueness of the business - clearly the client felt we hit the spot, as the initial feedback was excellent:

"I think the website looks absolutely wonderful. I love how it is covered in so many more of our pictures and how the message of what we do is so clear. It is genuinely exceeding all my expectations, I'm thrilled to bits with what you've done so far, I cannot thank you enough."

After an initial launch ready for a business expo, Conquer Lake District quickly realised that having online sales of their patches was also going to be really useful, as many people visiting the expo asked when this would be available - as we'd already mentioned that we would be able to integrate an e-commerce solution at any time in the future, they took us up on the offer much sooner than they expected, and within a few weeks we had the initial products added, with Stripe being chosen as a payment solution.

Some clever use of differing home page header image and text layouts across mobile/desktop devices made sure that the visual focus still included the parts of the image we wanted at all times.

We really love this one, again use of such stunning imagery really helps show the brand for what it is, even without using many words!

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