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Newman Catholic School in Carlisle approached us to create a brand new website, with a focus on 'no scrolling' as far as possible on the home page, and to ensure a catholic feel to the overall website aesthetics.

Initial discussion was based around how the school staff updated the original website, and what they wanted the home page focus to be. From there, we put forward a number of time saving solutions to address some lengthy processes. These improvements included:

  1. - A drag-and-drop page editor to make it easier and quicker to update pages within the website
  2. - A document management solution where policies and important school documents can easily be uploaded and displayed on the front end automatically
  3. - An integrated calendar with category management and easy ways for visiitors to add events to their own calendar via iCal and others
  4. - An integrated blog, automatically feeding the home page slider with new articles, removing the need to manually update the home page
  5. - A non-table based display for Governors information and meeting attendance, making the legally required on-page access to this clearer

Use of school provided photographs and imagery was essential to make sure that the website feels like part of the school, and the initial training and on-going support ensures that the school can continue to make the most of their new website which was described to us as 'Not what we expected, it is better!' - I won't complain about such great feedback!

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