SchoolMark got in touch and asked us to create a new website for their soon-to-launch school finance accreditation platform.

Aside from the design, the website needed to allow paid member access to a range of online forms for members to submit information to support their accreditation application.

With payment options allowing for invoice or credit card, once a school or trust applies, the SchoolMark team will approve their access to the member dashboard. Being built on the Joomla CMS platform, we made use of the native access control and user group provision to allow SchoolMark to easily enable dashboard access, and from there, when each form is complete, the ability to complete it again is locked until the member chooses to 'reset' the form status. This ensures that members can see what they have already submitted.

Submitted data can be exported in CSV format for analysis within spread sheet software.

Project Designer: Maxine Allen - Unicorn Creative