Our extensive experience creating and managing websites for schools means we are in a great position to provide a fully tailored website for your school or academy.

Having worked directly for schools, instead of on their behalf, we understand the legal requirements of what must be made available online as well as the need to minimise staff workload when managing the content yourselves.

Full colour scheme and branding is all part of the service, to ensure the website looks and feels part of your existing school vision.

If you would like to see some of the work we have done for other UK schools please get in touch and we'll send you the links!

What must schools publish on their website?

The minimum areas which must be available online are:

Information about their use of the PE and Sport Grant allocation by 4 April 2014

  • The amount of grant received
  • How it has been spent (or will be spent)
  • What impact the school has seen on pupils' PE and sport participation and attainment as a result, to help to ensure that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles

Other information

  • Admission arrangements or where they may be found (community and voluntary controlled schools only)
  • Link to Ofsted Report
  • Most recent key stage 2 results
  • Most recent key stage 4 results
  • Link to school performance tables on www.education.gov.uk
  • School curriculum information for each year group by subject, including phonics/reading schemes and key stage 4 courses/qualifications as appropriate
  • Behaviour policy
  • Pupil Premium allocation, use and impact on attainment
  • SEN policy
  • Charging and remissions policy
  • School's ethos and values

It is also advised that the following areas are also covered, however this is not mandatory

  • School contact details and to whom enquiries should be addressed
  • Basic information on key staff
  • A calendar of major events including scheduled school closures
  • The times of the school day
  • Basic information about how the school is organised including any alternative or specialist provision
  • Information provided for parents such as arrangements for setting pupils, home school agreement, music education opportunities and sports and fixtures information

Available features and functionality

Beyond the information listed above, schools all have different ideas on how they would like to use their website.  At a standard level, we can provide a school website, using your own information to populate well-structured navigation to pages and sections containing all of the above information.

If you wish to expand your website and make it more dynamic, we can integrate full content management and create logins for your staff (and if required, pupils/Governors etc.) to take control of your own content, with simple media upload facilities and full online editing of existing and new articles.

There is no need to purchase additional software, as all of the school website management is done online, through the website itself.

If you wish to go further, we can integrate blogs for the school, staff and/or individual students, bring existing or new social media presence to your website, or even go as far as creating a private social network only accessible by your pupils, staff, parents and Governors.

Presenting images, videos, documents in formats such as PDF, Word, Excel etc. is all available to those with editing permissions, to give a superb experience to those visiting your school or academy website.

Get in touch today to see how we can transform your school's online presence!

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