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If you're involved with selling the FM Group range of perfumes, cosmetics, home ware and the Aurile range, then we are able to offer a selection of website design packages to help you make the most of your business.

A dedicated website for your personal business

We can provide you with a unique and stunning website to make you stand out from the crowd, with a number of options to meet your budget and requirements. All prices are for full setup alongside 12 months of hosting, domain name, e-mail address and technical support.

We offer a maintenance package for subsequent years at only 40% of the initial cost which includes exactly the same features. The nature of our website design allows you to expand your website at any time, so you can start off small and grow as your business develops.


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Make your FM Business stand out with our great website design
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Single-page website with contact form: £10 per month (£60 initial setup and design fee)

If you're just starting out with FM Cosmetics, this is a great way to get your business online and promote yourself. This package offers a fully responsive website, supporting desktop and laptop computers as well as anyone visiting on a mobile phone or tablet.

We can include your favourite FM Group images, help you create a logo if required, and provide visitors with PDF downloads of the latest FM Group catalogues. Along with social media links, we'll also make sure the FM catalogue images and downloads are updated to the latest ones without you asking!

10% discount on monthly cost from Year 2 onwards

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Four-page website with contact form and Join FM form: £15 per month (£140 initial setup and design fee)

For those supporting and building their own FM Team, this package offers the chance to provide a wider range of information to build on features from the single-page website.

As well as providing a comprehensive 'Join FM' online form, the four pages will cover:

  • A homepage introduction to yourself and your FM business with team testimonials if available
  • Comprehensive information about FM Group and their product ranges
  • The business opportunity available to those who join FM Group and your team
  • How to order FM products through yourself

10% discount on monthly cost from Year 2 onwards

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Website with online Wish List: £30 per month (£180 initial setup and design fee)

FM Group do not allow direct online sales so we have created a bespoke 'Wish List' solution that allows visitors to browse the range of FM products you wish to advertise, add them to an online Wish List and then send this to you electronically so you can reply back with payment information.

Along with the features mentioned in the two packages above, the Wish List is a great way for the general public and your Team to purchase FM products without being worried about breaching the FM Group regulations and it offers:

  • A pre-created product category structure so you just need to add any products you want to advertise - as many or as few as you want!
  • Create time-limited discount codes to attract more visitors
  • Access to manage and track all Wish List submissions
  • Full documentation with step-by-step instructions on making the most of your online Wish List

10% discount on monthly cost from Year 2 onwards

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If FM Group ever choose to allow full online sales, we can enable PayPal payment support for only £50 and add Stripe for credit/debit card payment for £100 (per annum) which includes a dedicated SSL certificate to ensure security of card payment data - we can then alter your Wish List to have full e-commerce functionality so customers can order and pay online instantly!



Extend your website even more with other great features

Make even more of your FM business with a range of additional features which can be added to any of the website design packages above.
(Please note that these will also increase the 40% maintenance fee from Year 2 onwards)

Website blog with integrated social media sharing: £10 per month

Are you an active social media user, with a Facebook page for your FM business? We can provide a full featured blog, completely integrated into your website, with new blog posts automatically sent to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to save you time by removing the need to cross-post to all of these channels.

Live Facebook and Twitter feeds on your website: £2.50 per month per feed

Keep your website visitors on your website as long as possible by letting them read your Facebook and/or Twitter feed without having to click away from your website to visit them. The feeds are automatic and will update with new information whenever a visitor loads your website.

Integrated YouTube channel on your website: £5 per month

If you have training videos and other content on a YouTube channel for your FM business, we can create a fully integrated section of your website for visitors to view all of your content without visiting YouTube.

Want even more from your website?

The beauty of our websites is that they can be expanded at any time without a costly re-design. We can add more pages and add pretty much any feature you desire, so if you want something we have not mentioned, get in touch and we'll provide a personal quote.

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