Our website designs use a powerful and highly flexible content management system which can be setup and customised appropriate to the nature and scale of the website you require.  We can manage the entire site and content for you, or provide training and documentation on any aspect for you or your company to manage directly.

Design Features

All websites can use a responsive layout to automatically fit the largest of screens, or if it works better, use fixed dimensions to lock the website display size to your preferred setup.  Ensuring a great experience on mobile phones and smaller tablets is no problem, with all websites offering a responsive design which can display a customised interface for the device being used.

Article management

We can utilise categories and tags for articles, then use these to focus navigation and content presentation in a clear and easily accessible manner.  New articles and website pages can be added to these categories automatically, and you can choose to sort the display in a number of ways including alphabetically and by date.

Articles can be set as 'featured' which means they will display on your front page - this can suit a blog-style design, where new articles are always shown first.

Articles are all created and edited using a powerful online editor - there is no need to download pages, edit them and then upload them again, everything is managed online in a straight forward manner.  Upload new images, PDF documents and other files, then use these in articles for visitors to read online or download.  All articles can have the option for visitors to easily e-mail them to a friend, download them as a PDF or share them on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Individual user access

Fine grained user access control is available so you can give multiple users specific access to edit and create articles in the sections applicable to them.  Perhaps useful for a school website, where you could decide to give subject area staff access to only their own subject area pages.  Full approval control is built in, so you can designate one or more users permission to approve new articles, ensuring you have full control over what is shown on your website.

Image and media display

We provide full image slideshow and video support, allowing stunning presentation of your photographs, videos, product examples or anything else appropriate.  We can setup images in slideshows to display the full resolution version of the image or link to other website pages.  Text overlays to all images are highly flexible and can be a great way to explain or highlight key aspects of the photographs.  Facebook, Flickr, Google Picasa and many other online albums can all be used as sources for image display.

Forms and data gathering

We can provide anything from a standard 'Contact Us' form, allowing website visitors to quickly get in touch without having to access their e-mail, through to a multi-page form allowing you to gather whatever data you require and have this sent to you via e-mail, all straight from your website.  Contact using your website can all be logged, maintaining a record of how many people are contacting you online.

Online sales and advertising

This covers anything from an online shop to sell your products directly to customers or a fully manageable car sales system, all with full access for you to maintain your own stock and sales.  Online sales systems include full security for purchases keeping all data safe and secure.  SSL encryption can be arranged for any website, with a personal security certificate for your site created.

Where your site is used to advertise on behalf of others, we can setup and maintain a comprehensive banner system, displaying and rotating banners as required.

Keeping it all together

Rather than have a blog at one website address, sales on another and your main website somewhere else, the power of our solutions allows you to centralise everything in one place keeping a single brand identity location.  We can provide a full range of features, all available directly and easily accessible for you on your website.

Manage your website on the move

Depending on your choice of mobile phone or tablet, we can even provide setup of dedicated apps to let you easily manage many aspects of your website on the go!

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