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You won't find pre-made packages, repurposed templates, or rebranded designs in the services we offer.

With a core team of specialists and a wider network of industry experts, we're able to provide custom solutions to suit a wide range of requirements, budgets, and specifications. We make your business look better from every angle.

Read on to discover what we could offer you.

Bespoke Web Design in the UK from Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle, Cumbria
Bespoke UK Web Design from Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle, Cumbria

Bespoke Web Design

Web design is the core service we offer to our clients at Light Bulb. With a focus on entirely bespoke designs built from the ground up, our goal is to produce a website that blends seamlessly into your existing marketing and brand strategy. Whether you're getting online for the first time or looking to transform your existing platform, our expert team can work with you to create something that suits your needs perfectly.

With extensive experience creating comprehensive, brand-specific websites for our clients, Light Bulb is the ideal choice for truly unique design. We get to know your brand, your business and what makes you tick before creating something perfectly tailored to your business needs. With experience working for many midsize companies, our expertise and knowledge make us an excellent fit for high-quality, branded website design.

Search Engine Optimisation

Alongside our web design services, we can also offer additional search engine optimisation solutions to support your marketing activities and enhance the visibility of your new platform.

Our expert team supports our in-house SEO services, which are an optional addition to our standard web design services. While basic SEO is included as standard, there's far more we can do to help your business stand out with a solid, data-driven strategy built around your specific brand.

Search Engine Optimisation in Carlisle, Cumbria and the UK from Light Bulb Web Design
Website Copywriting in Carlisle, Cumbria, from Light Bulb Web Design Ltd

The bridge between emotions and logic

Our copywriters are seasoned professionals, who know how to write about your company in a way that speaks perfectly to your ideal client, focusing on converting them from a website visitor into an enquiry and new customer.

With a clear and focused process, we save you the time of doing this yourself, and ensure that the result is what your website users want to read, whilst still showcasing your authority as the trustworthy business that you are.

Our writers engage and inspire the reader to take action, ensuring your red-hot leads are ready to buy.

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Light Bulb Web Design provides high-quality, bespoke web design, SEO, digital marketing, copywriting, and consultation in the UK to ensure your online presence is a seamless extension of your business, with honest and transparent customer service.

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