Looking after your website

Support Charter

Your website is as important to us as it is to you:

We work to look after your website on regular occasions throughout the year, and whilst you may not see any changes to how it looks, the time we spend makes sure your website is as secure and compatible with modern browsers as possible.

We licence and have access to a range of commercial website extensions and tools that allow us to provide the best service possible.  Depending on the nature of your website, these may include design tools, backup software, firewall software, website form provision, blogs and e-commerce solutions.

Because we licence these as a developer, we gain significant discount compared to licencing them individually per website.  To licence these for your website singularly would often cost significantly more than our annual support and hosting charges to yourself.

The cost of your annual hosting and support renewal reflects the amount of time needed to provide this behind-the-scenes work, the costs for any extensions within and also the expected level of support for a website with your size and features.

Security and Compatibility Maintenance

As part of our regular work we:

  • Perform regular updates to the website software as appropriate to your website
  • Update any extensions used within your website (which includes a number of paid/licenced extensions at our cost)
  • Manage Google ReCaptcha provision for spam reduction on website forms
  • Monitor your website 24/7/365 using a specialised monitoring tool which reports issues to us if found


Your website is hosted on our own dedicated UK server:

  • Only our own clients have access to this server so we can monitor and control performance and security
  • Our hosting provider have 24/7 support available in case of any unlikely issue
  • Maintain server software to appropriate levels
  • A hardware firewall increases security and performs automatic blacklisting of abusive connections and hack attempts
  • Manage regular 3-way backup (server, cloud and local copy) of your website at the time of any update or in some circumstances, automatically taken nightly
  • We provide a 256-bit SSL certificate to all websites at no extra charge
  • Where appropriate, we renew and pay any domain name annual fees
  • If available under your contract, we provide and support your email address(es) and if possible, how to configure your devices to access to your email
  • If we manage your domain name, we will configure and manage any custom DNS records, for example if you use Office 365 or G-Suite, we will set up the DNS entries required for this to work

Support to yourselves

Getting the most from your website:

Where your website contains features that you have access to manage and update yourself (e.g., blog, e-commerce, portfolio, online bookings), we provide email and phone support to help you with any questions or issues that arise.

A sensible number of changes to your website pages, as part of the original design, can be made each year (e.g., changing images or text, a new phone number etc.).

We may provide additional pages or features at no charge, or at a cost as advised at the time of your request.  The charge, or lack of, will depend upon the amount of work involved to implement your request.

We accept change requests by email only - this ensures that we can track and monitor such requests efficiently.

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