Appleton's Garage and Car Sales approached us to revamp their old website and provide an easy to use solution for advertising their car sales online.

This website was designed to complement the strong brand and logo already being used by Appleton's Garage. We have used the two main colours, blue and yellow, throughout the website in subtle ways, to ensure the website design felt part of the business from the front page right though to the online contact form.

Full training and documentation was provided to enable Appleton's staff to manage the car sales feature, which like the full website, is fully responsive, allowing visitors to easily browse their cars on phones and tablets as well as computers and laptops.

Vehicles can be shared straight to social media, either by Appleton's or by visitors who may wish to show their friends a car they are interested in. Potential customers can also contact Appleton's directly from each vehicle's information page or even send the vehicle information and website link to a friend without having to leave the website.

To ensure customers can find the garage easily, we have provided a Google Maps page with address details and the standard Google Maps features.