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How personal is your website?

Personal website design in Carlisle, Cumbria, and the UK

It's a fact that people buy from people. Whatever the size of your business, from a sole trader to a national health and safety firm, it's made up of individuals.We love to include photos of you and y...

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Together we can do more

Together we can do more

Web design is no different than many other businesses - there are literally hundreds and thousands of others also offering what can seem to be the exact same thing. How do you know who to choose? Sinc...

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7 things your website home page needs and why

7 things your website home page needs and why

Short and to the point :) A clear tagline to introduce exactly what you offer – let visitors instantly know if they've come to the right place. A short sentence that clearly outlines the value you bri...

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I just want one page on my website...

Carlisle Web Design

"I just want a small website, one page.""OK, what do you want the website to do for your business?""I want people to find me and my services, and get in touch."Meh.Unless you have a 100% unique niche,...

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AJ Lakes Interview

Showcase Sunday Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alison Magee-Barker from for her 'Showcase Sunday' series.Watch the interview below, where Alison digs deep into what we do at ...

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Bespoke web design without the worry

Bespoke UK Website Design

To take one dictionary definition of 'bespoke', it reads as "made to fit a particular person".Unlike many web designers who take a pre-designed template and change the colours, logo and images to matc...

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How to set up a Google My Business Listing

How to set up a Google My Business listing

Something we recommend to all of our clients is to make sure you have an accurate Google My Business (GMB) listing for your business. This is a critical aspect of SEO and is highly important for local...

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A new team member for 2020!

A new team member for 2020! Light Bulb Web Design, Carlisle - Our new team member for 2020

​As our client base continues to grow, we'd like to introduce our new team member for 2020! Keiko is a Japanese Shiba Inu and will be in charge of socialising and walks, we look forward to her he...

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CWE/CME Daytime Follow-up July 11th 2019

Carlisle Business Networking

​This week I had the pleasure of speaking at the CWE/CME Daytime Business Networking event, held on Thursday July 11th. As a business, I've always tried to be educational with the blog and social medi...

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