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All Inclusive - and no, we're not talking about holidays!

Light Bulb Website Design in Carlisle

​Is that a click-bait title?  No idea, however what we do know is that our website design prices and services include a significant amount of features and benefits that are often missed out or charged extra for by some web design companies.

Let's take a look at as many of these that can sensibly fit into one blog post!

  1. Hosting

    All of our website prices include hosting on our own custom, dedicated server which is based in the UK.  Our server has been configured to provide both security, performance and reliability, removing the risk you may run using a shared hosting platform - only our own clients use this server, and because we support and monitor each and every website, you are less likely to have website performance issues due to someone else's website which may start to use excessive amounts of processor time or memory capacity.

  2. SSL certificate

    Now a Google ranking factor, and advised for any website where personal details are entered (e.g. GDPR regulations), all websites hosted on our own server include a dedicated SSL certificate, with all websites forced to use HTTPS at all times - this cannot be bypassed simply by omitting the 'S' from the HTTPS in the URL, unlike some web design companies who miss this step out.  We also force all traffic to, making sure that Google sees only one URL for your website, instead of a www and non-www version - a positive for SEO!

  3. Domain name

    We include one or .com domain name in all of our prices, if required.  All domain name renewal prices are included in our ongoing support costs, so you can be sure of a reilable service with no extra or hidden charges.

  4. Email account

    Rather than use a GMail or other free email account, we provide at least one domain-name based email address to all clients if required.  This presents a more professional front to your own clients, and gives your email presence a nice personal factor - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is more professional for your brand than This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  5. Dual-layer firewall

    With a firewall built in to our server, and a software firewall included in all of our CMS-based websites, your website is protected against many threats that may affect websites without such systems in place.  To protect your email account, a fixed level of failed logins will block that IP address from being able to access our server, meaning potential hackers are no longer able to try accessing your data.

  6. 3-way backup

    We run multiple backups of your website on a regular basis.  Not only is the server backed up nightly, we also run our own backup solution based on your own website requirements, which backs up to our cloud storage, with a further 3rd copy taken overnight to our own local network attached storage.  Backups can be restored in minutes if something untoward requires us to roll your website back to the previous day or week (depending on the chosen backup schedule).

  7. SEO optimised images and meta data

    We do not leave images named e.g. 'header-image-1.jpg' unless there is good reason.  Where possible, every single image we use on your website is named to reflect your company and its SEO requirements.  ALT tags are set on images where we can, and we ensure that all images are saved at a quality level which blends visual quality with Google's page speed test requirements.  All pages include applicable meta descriptions, page titles and URL structure, focused on SEO and natural wording/language.

  8. Page load time optimisations

    All of our websites use a number of hosting optimisations to ensure compression of all data, along with further compression of javascript and CSS files where this does not conflict with functionality.  Our CMS platform can also use additional features to cache and then deliver website pages as fast as possible, keeping visitors and search engines happy!

  9. Expandable platform

    Because all of our websites are based on a suitable content management system or e-commerce solution, they can be expanded as your business needs change or as you grow and require additional content or features.  Many of our clients have come back months or even years after their website was first published, asking to add features like e-commerce or integrated blogs - we simply could not do this if our websites were based on static HTML, which would likely need a full and potentially costly re-design.

  10. Easy to edit by you

    Want access to edit and update your website pages yourself, create blog posts or add images to a portfolio?  We can enable this on all of our websites, making sure you have the access you need to quickly and easily make the changes you choose.

  11. Ongoing support

    As well as your hosting, email and domain name costs, our ongoing support keeps your website software up to date, and includes a range of licences for any included software such as firewalls, backup solutions and more.  We do not use cheap and random extensions and similar software, we have carefully chosen a standard base of solutions which, to licence yourself, would usually cost much more than we charge you for our services.

On top of all of this, we're also proud to receive many really great reviews and testimonials from our clients.  Those speak much louder than anything we can write about our inclusive ​services and features, so if you need help or advice about your website, or need a new web design created, we're more than happy to help and discuss any queries you may have.  Why not call us today on 07880 858381 and find out how Light Bulb Web Design can help your business thrive online.

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