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Different ways to build a website


A website can be built in many ways. Here are a few of those options, which should help you understand which approach is right for your business:

1) Using a template - rather than design your website themselves, some web designers use templates. These are usually purchased from a range of online template providers, and allow for their colours, text, and images swapped for your own. Many online website builders also allow the use of templates that they have available.

2) Using page builder tool layouts - like templates, some of the popular website page builder tools let the user import page designs from a range of pre-created ones. The user can then change the colours etc. to match your business.

3) Website pages can be built using pre-created modules - most like the page builder import option above, this lets the user create a website page using several of these modules, and again just change the colour and content to your own.

4) Custom design - this way is often called bespoke website design, or custom website design. The website designer or agency will craft a unique design for all your pages, based on your own individual business. Unlike the options above, this route ensures you have a website which nobody else has, one which doesn't look like one someone else can create using the same tools as another.

Whilst pricing for all these really does come down to the individual website designer or agency, the template and page builder routes are usually lower in the investment levels you need to consider.

All certainly have their purpose, however investing significant money into your website without realising what you are getting, can result in surprise and disappointment - so be sure to ask those website designers you are considering working with exactly what method they follow.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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