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I just want one page on my website...

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"I just want a small website, one page."

"OK, what do you want the website to do for your business?"

"I want people to find me and my services, and get in touch."


Unless you have a 100% unique niche, and people are actually searching for your services (and you know exactly how), this is going to do nothing but disappoint.

It's a general rule that you'll likely need to consider a home page, about page, contact page, and one individual page per core service/service area.

You may need more than that.

Which is why we don't ask you how many pages you need.

Not if you want actual results from your website - be that enquiries or product sales.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about understanding your ideal clients. What they are actually searching for - and then, understanding the volume of searches happening to know what is worth targeting on the website to attract visits, and what needs a different approach to raise awareness. All of this date helps us identify the content and pages required to hit your target.

"Wow, how much?"

Good SEO isn't going to be a low-ball investment.

It can't be.

It's so much more than re-wording a competitor's content, or throwing together some copy based on 'keywords'.

It needs to truly speak to your desired client, those you actually want to work with.

Our favourite projects are the ones where you let us work our full range of magic. Combining detailed SEO research, client-focused copy, and bespoke design, is how we get results.

How often have you bought something cheap, then regretted it 6 months later when it breaks or doesn't do what the seller told you it would?

We won't make false promises. But we will deliver what your business needs - which probably isn't a one-page website.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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