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Introducing AI-powered website content creation

Now available to all new web design projects and for existing clients!

Big caveat:

  • I am not going to be creating core page content for websites with AI.
  • I am not going to be recommending you don't involve a brilliant copywriter with your website.

I understand that AI will continue to develop and become an expected part of business.

I therefore must take it on board and begin introducing it within all of the websites we craft - something so far, I don't see mentioned by the majority of web designers and agencies.

Perhaps they're afraid of it or worried it will somehow put people off.

Which is why I put the caveats in above.

Where I do see it being useful are for business owners who want to add content to blog posts as one key example.

Linking with OpenAI (the paid version, you will need your own account for this!), the content creation and editing tools that we use within every website, have native support for image and content generation and manipulation, powered by OpenAI, right from your website.

No need to head off to OpenAI and create the content, then bring it back and paste it or upload it into your content.

Use the same prompts you always do - in one place and see the results as fast as OpenAI can get them back to you (caveat again - this is always going to be dependent upon the load on OpenAI's servers as to how fast you will get the content back).

If this sounds interesting, and you want to know how AI and a new website could help your business, get in touch today, let's talk :)

(Video demo of this in action for text creation)

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Sunday, 16 June 2024

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