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Is your solicitor's practice website keeping you in the red ocean?

Is your solicitor practice website keeping you in the red ocean?

Professional service businesses such as solicitors often end up with websites that keep them as-is - content, design, and structure that is losing them clients and business - and a lot of potential from search engines as well.

In this video, I pick three solicitor websites at random in the UK, going for the 10th positioned website on Google for 3 UK cities.

I go through them all as a group and individually to look at how their website is structured, designed, how it places on Google, and generally how it places them in the blue ocean or red ocean of their market.

The video was recorded without any planning beyond what I was going to check out, and no website/solicitor practice was chosen on purpose beyond their 10th place position on Google. The reviews are no judgement on the quality of each practice, purely on how their websites present and fit into our approach of blue ocean strategy focused web design.

If anyone features wishes me to remove them from the video, please get in touch.

Book a consultation about your own website and we'll show how you can turn yours around from competing on the same terms as everyone else, into one which competes on your terms, in your own unique blue ocean:

The consultation will leave you with actionable updates and changes for your website that you, your web designer, (or me but I promise I won't pitch!) can implement.

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Monday, 15 July 2024

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