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It all started with a Bright 1999!

It all started with a Bright 1999!

You may have noticed that we mention having over 17 years experience in web design...and you may wonder where we get that figure from...

In 1999 we created our first public website, offering a mix of website design services and general nonsense about my life and the even included what is now called a blog, as well as a portfolio of the work we had done for others at that time.

Whilst it's a shame that lots of images are lacking, making it look even less 'good' than it really was, here we are, back in 'the day'!

"I aim to provide sites that are a little different than most, but only you can say if I have succeeded.  I try to keep my sites fully themed, giving you a strong and easily recognisable web presence. I will make no claim to the ownership of your site."

In all the years since, nothing has changed, we hope we are different to most, and look to ensure that your website matches your brand and your ethos.

We also mentioned pricing!

"I have no fixed prices, as every project requires a different approach and therefore a different price. If you have a large project in mind, try me, I may be interested. I won't go on about what I know and what I can do. Go and look at my other sites and get your impressions from there. If you like them and are interested, give me a shout and I'll see what I can do."

So, whilst we do now have a pricing structure, as we said back in 1999, every project is different and prices will reflect the work required...we even offered maintenance plans too, something we continue to provide as part of all the websites we create now.

Alongside a few websites we designed at the time which are listed on the link above (, over the years I also created and managed many school websites as part of my day job in school IT Support.  Even before I launched Light Bulb Web Design, which was based on those original 'bright ideas', we had plenty of websites live on the Internet, and even some on the school Intranet for internal use only.

Hopefully you can join me in having a little laugh at the days gone by, and also understand more about where we came from, possibly being one of the first website design companies in the area...even though at the time, we really didn't get much work!  If you hunt around the first link enough you should spot the links in the top menu and also a handful at the bottom of the pages.

There is actually one website we did even earlier than 1999...but I can't find it...truth be told, it was horrible!  Black background covered in white stars, red text...and a spinning GIF of the Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR I owned at the time...C826 AEX RIP!

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