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EYFS Resources: E-Commerce CRM link case study

E-Commerce Website Design with Zoho CRM Link

In the middle of 2017 we launched a new website for EYFS Resources, which included a large e-commerce solution to cater for a wide range of products.

We spoke before the work started on whether a link could be created in the future with their existing CRM platform, called Zoho.  Whilst not a requirement at launch, it was something that would be needed at some point in time.

At the end of 2017, we got asked to look at the options alongside Zoho themselves - we arranged a quote directly from the e-commerce platform provider and Zoho asked for quotes from their own providers.

​When all prices were in, the quotation from our e-commerce platform presented the best value for money - whilst being the cheapest, their work guaranteed long-term support for any updates to the platform, meaning EYFS Resources would have a website that continuted to provide a stable solution for years to come.

The overall project involved managing the requirements from our client as well as managing the testing and test website access for the company providing the work.  We set up a second copy of the website to trial the initial beta software on, before installing and configuring the software on the live website.

Overall, the work took approximately 6 weeks, with a small number of software versions involved to get the final required result.  An automated server task was set up to synchronise the data between the website and the CRM on a regular basis, meaning the data within Zoho is always up to date.

The project management aspect of website design is often overlooked, as even for small websites with only a couple of pages, we need to manage the work involved and liaise with our clients throughout the design process, leading through to completion.

For larger websites such as, project management is essential - agreeing the right processes and timescales, making sure all aspects of the work are accounted for and agreed, to make sure that the end result is better than expected!

We'd love to work with you on your next website design project, so why not get in touch!

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