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'Optimised for Google' is not enough!

SEO that works

When it comes to a new website, it's crucial that you know what you are getting and what to expect.

You can be left wondering why your website isn't ranking on search engines for critical search terms and keywords, with no awareness of how to improve things, let alone have accurate expectations of what is even possible.

Every website should be 'Optimised for Google' - which is nothing more than making sure your website loads fast, has images sized, saved, and named correctly, and has appropriate meta data added. However, this is only one element of helping your website be found by your ideal clients and rarely involves anything but guesswork and your own ideas of what keywords you want to rank for.

Without an accurate and research-driven approach to your competitors, the content, and the structure required to understand exactly what your ideal client is searching for and what they need to read on your website, your website is not going to get found and you are losing business.

Too many web designers and agencies get stuck in buzzwords and phrases that they believe make them stand out. They can get stuck in their pricing beliefs that anyone who charges more is 'ripping people off' and end up believing that their approach to keeping costs down delivers the best results for their clients.

For us to create the websites we do, it involves the expertise of several other individuals and businesses - we built our business on collaboration, and it continues to pay dividends.

Whether it's working with Dr Hannah Gibson who has a background in web design, that allows her science-backed copywriting skills to capture the essence of your business and weave it into conversion-focused copywriting, or Philip Bacon and his team at Bacon Marketing who know exactly how to use competitor and keyword research to deliver the guidance and ongoing marketing to drive the right traffic to your business, the results speak for themselves.

Every time we have reviewed our own pricing and solutions, it has grown from a desire to deliver even more for our clients - to continue to be open and transparent about what work, and investment is required to get the results you desire from a website and online presence.

Our most recent change is to make SEO the core of everything we do.

With the brand promise of Light Bulb Web Design being 'BE SEEN', to not take this step would mean we'd not be living up to this.

We want all of our clients to be seen - in the right places, by the right people - because without that visibility, your business cannot grow and scale the way you desire.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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