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Our approach to e-commerce website design

Our approach to e-commerce website design

E-commerce websites are the same as any other design in how we approach the navigation and layout.

Being able to navigate a website in an easy and obvious manner is critical to the success of any website - it's no good having a beautiful design if nobody can work out how to find what they are looking for.

For a company introduction site, visitors need to quickly find the area or page they want which has the information on which they need to make that decision to get in touch with you. For an e-commerce website, they need to easily and quickly find the product they want and be able to buy it with minimal hassle.

Choosing appropriate product categories and subcategories, and having an accurate product search system are great ways to ensure you maximise sales.

The checkout process is also a key factor in converting those maybe's into certainties. The option to checkout without having to create an account can have a very large impact on how many people will add items to their basket and actually end up buying them. Sure, having their own account with your store can allow for improved order tracking by the customer and allow for features such as wish lists, but many people do not want to store their details online so catering for both types of customer is important.

With the use of mobiles and tablets for browsing and buying online growing fast, it is highly beneficial to ensure that any e-commerce website you are looking to create is responsive - responsive basically means that the layout of the website responds to the size of screen it is being displayed on, re-arranging the content to best suit how it is being viewed. A good responsive website will also offer lower resolution images etc. to keep the loading speed as fast as possible to help those using mobile data connections get a faster and smoother experience.

Overall, we work with you in creating a great responsive e-commerce website, providing the background research into competitor sites to ensure you get the best navigation and website structure to suit your customer and business needs. We have two e-commerce solutions available to suit small or large websites, and both are fully responsive, supporting a wide range of payment and customer account methods. Both options fully integrate into our content management system (CMS) platform, so they can be extended to provide almost any additional features you may require, from integrated blogs to social network feeds and links. The nature of our CMS means these features can be added at any time without the need for a costly website re-design.

Why not get in touch today to see how we can help your business thrive online, with a great responsive e-commerce website!

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Sunday, 16 June 2024

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