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Performance where it counts

Fast loading website design

When it comes to search engine optimisation, it's crucial to consider both the website design and content as well as the technical elements.

Technical search engine optimisation is all about making sure your website loads fast and efficiently, as well as ensuring that no hidden issues are causing problems that you won't see when you look at the website visually.

Unfortunately, it's common to see many website designers and web design agencies shout about how they build fast-loading websites, yet some quick checks on their own website and those of their clients shows that they aren't even able to make their own websites perform well, let alone the ones they build for their clients.

We don't like to say we do things without proving this for our own website - it's easy to check the technical performance of your website by entering the URL into website testing tools such as GT Metrix -

All of our client websites are hosted on our own dedicated server in the UK. This is built to our specification, and only has our own clients hosted on it. This makes sure we control and monitor every single aspect of the websites we design and build.

From server up, we cover the core essentials for website page speed and technicalities. Whether it comes to optimising image dimensions, quality, and file types, to using comprehensive features within our websites to further enhance how fast our websites load, we genuinely do put the care and attention into all aspects.

The screenshot below is for our own website via the GT Metrix website link mentioned above - literally a few points off the almost impossible to achieve 100% grade.  It really is no good shouting about how well you do something without being able to demonstrate it - page speed is a key ranking factor for search engines like Google, and it's an area that is not worth ignoring when you're considering who to choose to build your website. Slow loading websites result in visitors leaving - and that is never a good thing for your business.

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Monday, 15 July 2024

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