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Spotlight on - Kassi Martin


Kas got in touch a few years ago looking to hand over management of her website to 'someone else' - a daunting proposal for someone who was so used to doing things on her own :)

Her new website needed to cover lots of areas, including a comprehensive blogging solution, online sales and also membership-based paid access to a range of online video-based art courses and workshops.

Kas has constantly worked on her website, retaining access to edit and manage the main content pages and blog, with support from Light Bulb Web Design to add and manage the video courses and paid access subscription platform.  Kas got in touch recently and sent us this great review of how she'd found working with us :)  Visit her website at

"Chris I'd like to thank you for all your hard work over the last three years. It's been a pleasure working with you. You're a superb asset to my business.

For around two or three years before I met you I had been clumsily making my own websites through a well-known provider but I always experienced barriers. I always experienced a "lack" somehow.

That "lack" was my own lack of understanding and knowledge of "how to" carry out tasks which are so simple for you to tackle and complete, easily and swiftly.

There were so many aspects to my website which I just could not figure out for myself like E-commerce for example or adding videos to create a smooth running e-course.

I needed both of these to work simultaneously to create an e-course.

I didn't know how to write HTML or set up forms to make things easy for customers and visitors to contact me or sign up for my blog or a course.

It was such a relief to find you. You took all these complicated parts and put together a smooth process from start to finish.

You listened carefully to what I needed and worked patiently with me until I was happy with it and I do know I'm a very particular kind of person who likes things to be "right"!

And now we have a great working relationship three years on.

One of the most satisfying aspects is learning how my website works and how to edit the various components for myself.

I know if there is something I can't manage you are only an email away. Your responsive service is excellent!

All my dreams from three years ago are finally in place and running beautifully.

This is down to your knowledge and expertise.

I receive many complements about my beautiful website. Thank You!


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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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