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There are no shortcuts to a great website

There are no shortcuts to a great website There are no shortcuts to a great website

From decades of experience, I know that there are no shortcuts to a great website.

Take an example from my HND Computing work placement year - the school I was working in as an IT Technician bought a new computer network system from RM/Research Machines.

A lovely Windows 98/NT4 Server setup (we're talking 2001, so this was a big step from their older Windows 3.11/OS2 Warp network!).

In their infinite wisdom, the school refused to pay for any training so I could learn how to use and manage the system.

Seemingly, I should have known how to use it, after all, they pay me to be the expert...hmm...

Roll on a few months, and things are beginning to cause problems. Software won't load, computers are crashing all the time, users are complaining a lot about how many problems they are having.

With nothing but a few discussions with the installation engineer, I'd been doing things in a less than ideal way - mainly how we were creating the software install packages to roll out across all computers.

After finally persuading the school to pay for some training, the end result was months of re-creating all of the software packages in the best-practice way.

Months of problems started to turn into a much more stable system, less problems therefore for teaching and learning.

So, like a website, skipping the important starting points is going to result in a less-than-ideal outcome, often resulting in more work and costs further down the road to get it all as it could have been in the beginning.

From trying to write your own copy, to thinking you can add 'SEO' in later, there are several elements when it comes to getting the results you desire that are not worth leaving out.

Revisiting a fully built website to update the content and structure can be almost as much work as building it the first time - quite literally, adding professional copywriting and SEO 'later' can cost twice as much, either in time or money.

Within the IT Technician role, which developed in the end to full Network Manager and side-stepping into School Business Management, spanning 17 years, once I was aware of best practice, 99% of the time I refused to take shortcuts, refused to employ workarounds - they so often come back and bite you in the 🍑

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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