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Together we can do more - for you!

Together we can do more - for you!

In May 2016, Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle became a full time company, but we've already covered that in our previous post :)

The main business focus of this decision was to enable us to offer even more services to our clients, having more time to work more closely with other local businesses that offer related services to our own focus of web design.

As we have grown, it has become clear that many customers want more than 'just a website', asking for things that are important but also things that we don't specialise in ourselves.  Often they want to focus strongly on search engine results, making sure they are seen on page 1.  Other times they may want some help setting up a Facebook page or creating a new logo for their business.

What also became clear is that whilst we can offer some of these services, there are people out there in Carlisle who provide those things as their own full time business, with much more experience and skills than we have - as well as having the time to focus purely on those areas instead of spreading too thinly across bits of them all.

In order to make sure our customers can have access to all of the services they require for their new website and their business, we are proud to be working alongside the following companies in Carlisle, providing everything from a new logo to managing an ongoing social media or search engine optimisation campaign:

​Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

​We have built a standard level of SEO into our websites since the beginning, but this is based on some basic research and guidance from yourself, the client.  Whilst it can give great results, and we have some websites hitting the top of page 1 just from this standard level of optimisation, if you are competing with lots of other companies in the area, or have a specific need to be sure your website performs as well as it can in search results, then we can work with you alongside Ray Cassidy from Consulting Cumbria.

When we focus on SEO using Ray's expertise and experience, the initial research is all done before we even look at the website design and structure itself.  Working with you directly, Ray takes a full overview of your business and uses this, alongside professional software and tools, to find out exactly what your potential customers are searching for online, before putting together a proposal for the best website pages to create in order to target those searches.   As well as being able to provide professional copy writing for your website (page text that you can read), Ray also provides the full SEO structure and key words for me to use when creating the website menu, images and appropriate meta-data.

Once the website design is complete, Ray also has full access to make changes to internal links and other areas of the website to be sure all aspects are covered to be sure your website really is 'optimised for Google'!

The final step in Ray's work involves off-site SEO - making sure that your business is accurately and correctly listed on a number of appropriate directories - search engines use your entire web-presence to choose where you appear in search results, and making sure your on-page SEO (on your website itself) and your off-page SEO (directories, social media etc.) are all as good as they can be is a very important factor in getting your website to perform for your business.

Social Media Management

​Being active on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and others like Instagram and Pinterest is almost expected of any business nowadays.

But do you know how to use social media effectively?  Make the right posts at the right time to be sure the right people see them?

This is why we work alongside Amanda Ryan from Social Elf - Amanda has an insane amount of experience working with social media, dating back to before Facebook and others even existed, making her a great choice when our clients ask for help and advice with their own social media management needs.

You can find Amanda on Facebook and many other places:

Branding, Logo Design & Printing

​As small as it can sometimes be, having a logo which is professional, unique and completely describes your business just through the one image is a very important factor in getting your business accepted and understood by your potential clients.

Having access to affordable and professional printing and graphic design services is also critical in making sure any paperwork such as business cards, letterheads, leaflets, banners and more puts the right brand image across to anyone seeing it (or with anything printed, feeling it when they have it in their hand!).

Helen from Candy Print in Carlisle has been providing sensibly priced logo design, branding and printing services for many years, and has built up an enviable portfolio of clients in and around the Carlisle and Cumbria area.

By working alongside Helen when creating your website, you can be sure that the whole design is tailored to match seamlessly throughout your website and across to your printed media.

The final words

We have known the people mentioned above for many years, some since our school days!  Being able to work with them is great, and we share the same desire to provide the best possible service for your business at sensible prices.  By having such a flexible partnership, we avoid the need for charging higher prices, working through our own individual companies to reach your online goals, with no expensive overheads of offices, rent, bills or managing salaries and payroll etc.

Simply put, we work together to do more - for you - for less!

By all means get in touch with anyone above on your own, or if you'd like to discuss your own website project with us, get in touch with Chris on 07880 858381 or drop him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the ball rolling!

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