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What is truly your unique selling point?

What is your actual USP?

What actually differentiates you from the competition?

I'll guarantee that it isn't how many years of experience you have, nor that you aim to be the best. Anyone can compete on those meaningless terms.

I was speaking with a dentist last week - after a bit of digging, they told me that they went into dentistry because of their creative side, and that they could take this enjoyment into helping others get the smile they truly desire.

That's powerful!

They didn't become a dentist for money, they didn't just fall into it.

Quite literally, they are changing people's lives - the confidence people get from great teeth and a superb smile is quite probably immeasurable.

That's their USP - not that they've been a dentist for 25 years, not that they trained at the top university.

That they share the desire of their patients.

We dive into this USP when we first start working on your new website.

It feeds into those first few sentences on your website.

It directs how the rest of the content is written.

The design of the website itself will revolve around your USP, your ideal clients, the actual differentiation points between you and the similar business around the corner.

I talk about how we do bespoke web design - though in reality, we do so much more than that.

Every step of your project is bespoke - each expert associate I bring in for your project has been picked because I know they are the right copywriter, the right designer, the right SEO consultant.

From the ground up, the results are unique to you - because nothing else will get you the individual results you desire, a website which is entirely built around you and your own ideal clients.

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Monday, 11 December 2023

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