Custom Website FormsGet the information you require accurately

It's expected that any website now has a contact form included so that visitors can get in touch easily without having to open up their email software, however sometimes you may need to do more than accept a small enquiry message.

Our website custom form design allows an almost infinite range of data collection options to request information from your visitors, customers and clients.  Perhaps you want a more comprehensive enquiry form that asks for specific details that may allow you to respond better, or maybe you have job vacancies that you would like applicants to apply for online with a complex multi-page form - or maybe you would like to take payment for a booking, sell a ticket or request a range of information from a website visitor before sending them a PDF information file.  Whatever data collection you require from your website, our mobile-friendly, responsive forms can cater for your needs, with payment processor integrations including PayPal, Stripe and many more.

Integrated with our access control solution, they can configured provide user or staff only access and be hidden securely from general public view, making them an even more powerful option for your website design specification.  With full recording and CSV export of the submitted data, along with bespoke email creation to send the data to you and reply to the person filling in the form, there are many ways to access and analyse the submissions.

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Affordable website design in Carlisle and Cumbria

Explore the range of website form features available

Fully responsive, mobile friendly design with customisable design
Request and validate a range of data from plain text to dates and more
Simplify things with drop-down selection, radio button and other fixed-choice options
Multi-page forms allow for a large amount of data to be requested clearly
Integrate with PayPal, Stripe and more for online payments through your form
Google Analytics integration to track submissions
Pop-up or on-page form options to show the form as you require
Multi-language support for international websites which use more than one language
Let users preview their details before submitting
Customise the emails that can be sent to yourself and also the form submitter