Website Directory ListingsLet your visitors list their own business or advert after your approval

This feature may seem a little unusual, but it is one we've built into a number of website designs over the years.  From listing entrepeneurs and dojos through to childcare settings and classified ads for martial artists, even one in Switzerland that lets users advertise their courses and classes, having a directory on your website turns it into a great way to attract more people to visit and find what they are looking for.

Directory listings can be controlled in a number of ways, letting you approve new submissions or allowing them to be shown without checks.  Charge your website users a one-off, recurring or time-limited fee for their listings, with support for PayPal, Stripe and many more payment processors.

Comprehensive search facilities let your visitors find what they are looking for easily, whilst full search engine optimisation options let users tailor their directory submissions to increase traffic to their own website as well as your own.  Users have access to their own dashboard so they can manage, update and edit their listings in one place, submitting events and offers that are shown with their listings or in featured areas on your website.

Custom listing data can be configured, alongside the ability to add images, text, video, social media links and much more, with the option to enable reviews to be submitted for listings completing the flexible and easy to manage feature set.

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Explore the range of listings directory features available

Customised data control to allow all types of listings to be managed
Full approval and edit control for website owners to control listings
Create a range of payment packages, each making different listings features available to users
One-off, recurring or free listing options with numerous payment processors supported
Track and monitor the number of views each listing gets
Allow for quick contact forms for each listing
Add listings yourself and provide an route for website visitors to claim a listing as their own
Create auctions and allow classified advert listings to be managed by users
Multiple view and search filter options to provide the best experience for your website