Website Access ControlsLet staff and users only see the content relevant to them

Being able to control access to different features and aspects of your website is one of the most commonly requested design aspects that we get asked for.  We even use it ourselves to allow our clients to login to their websites and make changes to specific areas such as the website pages or portfolio solutions, without any worry of them accidentally changing some critical configuration settings elsewhere.  In such situations, our content management system allows easy configuration to allow users to login and access only the areas they need to.

Unlike WordPress, which has no built in access controls, our CMS natively supports both user and group-based control, making it easy to manage multiple users and varying access levels based on the requirements of your business.  This native feature allows control of access to almost any website aspect you may be able to think of, whilst keeping costs for setting up such configuration low because no additional extensions or plugins are required.

Connecting user access control with a membership feature brings a superb way of letting your website users sign up for free or paid membership, with the website content access gained being linked to the membership plan they choose.  This option is one of our most powerful website solutions, and is used by our clients to manage access to automatic online shopping discounts, personal and shared document storage areas, e-courses with videos and documentation specific to the membership plan purchased and much more.  Being able to charge your website visitors for a fixed or recurring subscription can be a great way to monetise your website and content.

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Explore the range of access control features available

Limit both front and backend access to website pages, menu items and content
Create a customised user experience for logged in users
Hide or show menu links and page content areas based on logged in and user group status
Create different user groups with varying access to update specific website areas
Build in membership subscription options to allow free or paid access to content and features
For e-commerce websites, configure automatic user and user group specific discounts
Fine grain control over permissions to edit, delete and create articles and other content
Provide logged in website users access to their own features for personal blogs and more