Website User MembershipAllow visitors to join your site as a paid or free member

If you have content, pricing or other access requirements on your website that should only be visible or provided to logged in users, having a membership solution on your website is a controllable way to manage a range of access controls to ensure that users only see the content and features that are applicable to their chosen membership option.

Building on the native user access controls built in to our preferred content management system, our membership platform allows you to create and assign users to specific groups when they sign up, using these groups to manage what content and access that user has when logged in.

We've used this solution to manage access to video learning courses, automatic e-commerce discounts for signed-up users, control what documents users can see and whether they can upload their own, let signed-up users add and manage directory listings and much more.  It can be configured to allow for free membership, paid membership with time-based access (e.g. 1 month, 6 months, 1 year) and also utilise subscriptions which allow for auto-renewal using PayPal or Stripe as payment methods.

The ability to allow users to become members of your website is a powerful and easy to manage solution which has many options to make it work for your needs.

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Explore the range of membership features available

Create free and paid membership plans
Set fixed time membership plans with renewal options
Send automatic e-mails to subscription members to remind them of renewal dates and discounts
Control access to website content based on the chosen membership plan
Schedule content access based on time-since-joining
Easily manage and track subscriptions
Integrate over 40 payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe and many more
Allow users to upgrade to higher-level plans at any time
Users can be members of multiple plans to gain access to more content
Customise the sign-up form to collect the required information
Export data to CSV file for enhanced processing
Support for discount and coupon codes
PDF invoice system available