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Chris is the owner of Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle, and has a general interest in anything web design, IT or technology related!

What is a domain name and why do I need to keep paying for it?

What is a domain name, and who owns it?

​We had some questions from a client recently who was asking about domain name ownership and why there was a need to keep paying for it every year.  We've had similar questions a few ti...

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What actually is a website page?

What is a website page?

​If you look at our website design prices, and often those of many other web design companies, they talk about how many pages each price allows for. But often we are asked "What do you mean by a websi...

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Mobile friendly...or is it?

Is your website really mobile friendly?

​Responsive website friendly website design...a couple of terms we and many others throw around and perhaps expect people to know what they mean. Many years ago, before mobile phones a...

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HTTPS websites become even more critical

HTTPS and SSL Website Design in Carlisle, Cumbria

A little while ago, we wrote about how Google Chrome, one of the world's most popular web browsers, was going to start flagging non-HTTPS served web pages as 'Insecure'. HTTPS uses an encrypted connec...

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All Inclusive - and no, we're not talking about holidays!

Light Bulb Website Design in Carlisle

​Is that a click-bait title?  No idea, however what we do know is that our website design prices and services include a significant amount of features and benefits that are often missed out or ch...

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Another year and counting!

Website designer in Carlisle, Cumbria

April 2018 sees the start of the 5th year for Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle!  Hitting the ground running, our first news of the year was becoming a Limited Company, paving the way for another...

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The importance of communication

The importance of communication for website design

​Dictionaries have some great descriptions of what the word 'communication' means, and whilst for website design it can be related to how a website communicates with its readers, the focus of thi...

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Up front web design fees vs. monthly payments

Affordable website design in Carlisle

 From the outset, we have offered three payment options for our web design services: 1) Pay an initial 40% deposit, and then pay the remainder when the website design is finished and ready to go ...

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EYFS Resources: E-Commerce CRM link case study

E-Commerce Website Design with Zoho CRM Link

In the middle of 2017 we launched a new website for EYFS Resources, which included a large e-commerce solution to cater for a wide range of products. We spoke before the work started on whether a link...

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