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How do I get my website on Google?

How do I get my website on Google? In response to questions from a few of my website design clients in recent weeks, I felt it was worthwhile to expla...
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What is responsive website design and why do I need it?

Responsive website design is a term that has cropped up more and more in recent years but it's a term which not everybody understands. With browsing o...
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What is Black Hat SEO, and is my web designer using it?

What is Search Engine Optimisation? Search engine optimisation (often called SEO) is a frequently mentioned phrase when talking about website design.&...
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How to manage your blog

A short guide on how to make the most of your website blog Ok, so you have your new website, it has a great blog integrated, but what are you supposed...
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Our approach to e-commerce website design

E-commerce websites are the same as any other design in how we approach the navigation and layout. Being able to navigate a website in an easy and obv...
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What is bespoke website design, and do I need it?

The word 'bespoke' is often used by website designers to describe their work. According to the UK Oxford Dictionary, bespoke simply means 'made to ord...
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Creating great website navigation

Being able to navigate around a website and easily find what you are looking for is perhaps the most critical aspect of website design. It's no good h...
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Why should I pay for a website when I can do it for free myself?

The marketplace is flooded with companies offering you the chance to create a free website, a quick Google at the time of writing this post brought me...
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What to look for when choosing a website designer

Websites can be a highly personal subject - everyone has different ideas on what looks good and what works well, both website visitors and designers a...
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