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The importance of good navigation

​As well as needing to look nice, a website must also be easy to navigate - if a visitor cannot find their way around then they're quite likely to give up and go somewhere else instead, potentially lo...

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A week in the life of Light Bulb Web Design

​Working from home was a big change - living the 9-5 life for the previous 17 years made this feel refreshing but also challenging! The feeling that the 9-5 working week was still needed took a little...

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How does it work, getting a new website?

​Websites can be complicated things....but that's where we come in.  More often than not, anyone getting in touch with us to ask about our web design services wants to know how much it will cost ...

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Why we're going off image sliders on your website

When Internet connection speeds began to increase with the introduction of broadband and, more recently, fibre connectivity, the use of imagery and video within websites has dramatically increase...

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What it says on the tin...

Over the past 4 years, our Carlisle website design services have catered for a wide range of businesses and clients, and we find that often many are looking for similar requirements from their website...

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Why I prefer Joomla over WordPress

The world of website design has never stopped changing since I first got involved almost 20 years ago. My first website was pure html, we mentioned it in an earlier post. A little later, the challenge...

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Make sure your website can easily grow alongside of your business

Websites can be created in a number of different ways.  When Light Bulb Web Design launched in 2013, we brought over 17 years of experience with us in using one of the longest standing content ma...

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Keeping your website secure for less

​It has always been beneficial to have any e-commerce website running on HTTPS hosting - in simple terms, the 'S' stands for secure, meaning any communication between your website and the visitor is e...

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Together we can do more - for you!

In May 2016, Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle became a full time company, but we've already covered that in our previous post :) The main business focus of this decision was to enable us to offer eve...

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