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Together we can do more

Web design is no different than many other businesses - there are literally hundreds and thousands of others also offering what can seem to be the exact same thing. How do you know who to choose? Sinc...

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7 things your website home page needs and why

Short and to the point :) A clear tagline to introduce exactly what you offer – let visitors instantly know if they've come to the right place. A short sentence that clearly outlines the value you bri...

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I just want one page on my website...

"I just want a small website, one page.""OK, what do you want the website to do for your business?""I want people to find me and my services, and get in touch."Meh.Unless you have a 100% unique niche,...

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AJ Lakes Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Alison Magee-Barker from for her 'Showcase Sunday' series.Watch the interview below, where Alison digs deep into what we do at ...

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Bespoke web design without the worry

To take one dictionary definition of 'bespoke', it reads as "made to fit a particular person".Unlike many web designers who take a pre-designed template and change the colours, logo and images to matc...

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Spotlight On - Kaveney HR

As a new client for us in 2020, Sue was keen get her old website updated and refreshed - here's what she had to say in answer to our questions! Introduce your business in no more than 2 sentences: A c...

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Spotlight On - Woolfest

Woolfest have been with us for almost 3 years now.  With the need for a pretty tight turnaround, and the ability for the Woolfest team to quickly and easily update their own website, our solution...

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Spotlight On - Fletcher's Fund

Leanne from Fletcher's Fund has been working with us for a number of years.  Their website was designed with inspiration from their logo and branding, which was designed by the very talented...

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Spotlight On - Laura Cadman Limited

Laura has been a client of ours since early 2019.  Her business continues to grow and develop and we're proud to be part of it! Introduce your business in no more than 2 sentences: Laura Cadman L...

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