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The Domain Name Scam - .uk and others

​A domain name is what you type into a web browser in order to get directly to a website.  For me, my domain name is The part is the 'top level domain' (TLD) ...
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What does the price of my website include?

​Something that came up at a recent business expo related to not just the work and time that goes in to designing websites, but also the hosting, extensions and other costs associated with web design....
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Do you know what you're getting?

​We try to make our blog informational and educational - our posts are here to help you understand what's involved with web design, and what you should be getting when you pay someone to design a webs...
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Are you getting what you paid for?

​One of our choices as a web design company was to try and provide clear information and detail about what we do for you within any website we create. We do this by using our blog to post in...
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Spotlight on - Kassi Martin

Kas got in touch a few years ago looking to hand over management of her website to 'someone else' - a daunting proposal for someone who was so used to doing things on her own :)Her new website needed ...
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What is a domain name and why do I need to keep paying for it?

​We had some questions from a client recently who was asking about domain name ownership and why there was a need to keep paying for it every year.  We've had similar questions a few ti...
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What actually is a website page?

​If you look at our website design prices, and often those of many other web design companies, they talk about how many pages each price allows for. But often we are asked "What do you mean by a websi...
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Mobile friendly...or is it?

​Responsive website friendly website design...a couple of terms we and many others throw around and perhaps expect people to know what they mean. Many years ago, before mobile phones a...
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HTTPS websites become even more critical

A little while ago, we wrote about how Google Chrome, one of the world's most popular web browsers, was going to start flagging non-HTTPS served web pages as 'Insecure'. HTTPS uses an encrypted connec...
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