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Why I prefer Joomla over WordPress

The world of website design has never stopped changing since I first got involved almost 20 years ago. My first website was pure html, we mentioned it in an earlier post. A little later, the challenge...

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Make sure your website can easily grow alongside of your business

Websites can be created in a number of different ways.  When Light Bulb Web Design launched in 2013, we brought over 17 years of experience with us in using one of the longest standing content ma...

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Keeping your website secure for less

​It has always been beneficial to have any e-commerce website running on HTTPS hosting - in simple terms, the 'S' stands for secure, meaning any communication between your website and the visitor is e...

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Together we can do more - for you!

In May 2016, Light Bulb Web Design in Carlisle became a full time company, but we've already covered that in our previous post :) The main business focus of this decision was to enable us to offer eve...

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It all started with a Bright 1999!

You may have noticed that we mention having over 17 years experience in web design...and you may wonder where we get that figure from... In 1999 we cr...

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Optimised for Google - are you sure?

Optimised for Google...that seems to be a common phrase thrown around by many website designers. But what does it mean?  What are they doing, or ...

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Our third year and growing!

I launched Light Bulb Web Design in April of 2014.  We passed our 2nd birthday a few months ago, and a few months later on, we celebrated ta...

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Spotlight on...Kathie Fursse from T5 for life

Kathie was one of our first e-commerce clients and was looking for an easy to use website selling her weight loss products. Since launch, www.t5forlif...

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Spotlight on...Sharon Howat from FM Cosmetics World

"I was recommended to contact Light Bulb Web Design as a new provider for my website as I was having problems with my previous website provider i...

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